Smart equipment, managed processes, and experienced people
are the difference in Campos Quality Almonds.

Harvesting & Sorting

Campos Brothers is recognized throughout the world for their continuous improvement of hulling and shelling operations, earning an industry leading role as one of the world's finest natural almond processors. Beginning in August, Campos Brothers almonds are harvested using mechanical shakers and sweepers operated by some of the most skilled and experienced individuals in the industry. This high level of skill and experience allows for the delivery of cleaner raw product to our hulling and shelling facility.

To ensure timely handling, we utilize our own fleet of trucks to transport almonds to our processing facility in Caruthers, California. Upon arrival the almonds are first hulled then shelled of their outer casing. Once shelled, almonds are closely monitored and sorted through the use of electronic screening processes to remove foreign material. They are then sized and stored until packed.