The special dedication that the Campos brothers brought to this country as young men, remains the driving force of our family management team today.


Chief Executive Officer

I first began this business with my brothers, Esteban and Fermin, over 50 years ago. Our passion for agriculture and strong family values became the foundation of the globally known company Campos Brothers Farms has become. Today, my wife and I take great pride in working side by side with our three children whom have all grown up learning each and every aspect of this industry. Together we manage all daily operations with the same passion and family values my brothers and I first began with.


Antonio and I have long understood that our success as a family and a company is very closely tied to that of our community and industry. In the past I have served as a member of the California Raisin Wives and the Fresno Basque Club. In addition to my daily responsibilities at Campos Brothers Farms, I also represent Fresno in the Northern American Basque Association, work with the University of Reno to promote their Basque studies program, and support many local charities and organizations.


Facility Operations

I grew up and spent many of the early years of my career working closely with my father and uncle. I learned various aspects of farming different crops from cherries, plums, and apples to wine grapes, walnuts, and of course almonds! Most importantly I learned the value and pride that comes from working with great people. These lessons afford me the ability to successfully manage our South Valley farming and home base operations. Today, my brother Steven and I maintain oversight of all farm wide agricultural operations of our company. My individual management responsibilities have grown to include all processing facilities and operations.


Farming Operations

Growing up in the almond business along with my siblings, Jeannine and Joseph, helped me to develop a strong foundation in what has now become a lifelong career in agriculture. From a very young age we learned the value of hard work and developed a strong appreciation for our work force. I started my career managing our North Valley almond orchards and my responsibilities have now grown to include our almond nursery and wine grape farms. Today I remain active in all farm management aspects of the company and oversee day to day financial, legal, and sales operations.


Sales, Marketing, and Regulatory Affairs

Like my brothers, Steven and Joseph, I grew up in the business learning every aspect along the way. As a young adult and early in my career, my focus shifted to gain experience in logistics, commodity selling/trading, marketing, and the political issues of our industry. I spent several years working in Washington, DC learning the intricacies of federal environmental and water use policies that not only impact our own company, but all of agriculture here in the United States. My experience has led me to become an advocate for our industry through my involvement in various local, state, and federal committees and organizations. In addition to my responsibilities as an industry advocate, I also oversee the day to day office and sales operations.